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How UJJI recruited urgent expertise through Staff Sharing at Hyver

UJJI had found themselves in a position where they urgently needed additional sales and marketing support but were not ready to make a permanent, full time hire.

As a start-up, having highly invested and dedicated team members is a must for UJJI, but was something that hadn't really worked out with temporary staff or contractors in the past. UJJI were looking for a cost efficient staffing solution that didn't rely on hit and miss contractors, temporary staff or permanent recruitment, but that would allow them to work with highly talented and invested staff. So Rafael Guper, UJJI's Co-Founder and COO got in touch with us at Hyver.

UJJI was matched with a Sales and Marketing exec from a non competing business with great success.

“Ben came in at a time when we urgently needed his expertise. But the great thing was that we could bring him in to fill the urgent, fundamental gap but then when we got what we wanted, the role phased out naturally… For me it's just a no brainer. It really works super well in the sense that if you have someone in your team that you won't be using 'his' full capacity, why not lend 'him' out to another company, or if you need someone during a period of time which doesn't have to be a full time employee, why not borrow it from another company.”

Through Staff Sharing with Hyver, UJJI have found an easy way of having access to talented individuals to bring into their business in a streamlined and cost efficient way.

Watch this video to hear Rafael, Co-Founder and COO of UJJI share their success story with Janine Capaldi, Co-CMO at Hyver.