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How Syntacog retained their highly valued staff through Staff Sharing with Hyver.

Syntacog is a regulatory tech company helping medical device companies get to market by making regulatory compliance easy.

Due to project-based funding, Syntacog had only been able to recruit new employees for fixed term contracts, and were unable to offer permanent contracts to all team members, a common occurrence for many start-ups.

In the past, Syntacog had recruited some amazing people but, as projects would near their end, would have to say goodbye to valued team members and this was a cause of huge frustration and disappointment.

When Syntacog turned to Hyver, they were exploring ways to retain their valued team members beyond the completion of projects. Their skills and experience of the staff they had recruited on fixed term contracts were proving invaluable to Syntacog’s growth and progress. So, Melissa Siah, Founder of Syntacog sought advice from Hyver.

Melissa’s valued staff member Izzy, was soon matched with another non-competing regulatory tech company who were seeking the expertise of a Paralegal to join their team on a Staff Sharing basis. And the relationship couldn’t have gone better…

“Izzy’s had the opportunity to step up and be very autonomous, learn a new area of law and from all accounts they’re thrilled with her work.”

Through Staff Sharing with Hyver, Syntacog have not only been able to develop Izzy’s skills and experience, but retain one of their most valued staff members in uncertain economic times.

Watch this video to hear Melissa Siah, Founder of Syntacog share their success story with Janine Capaldi, Co-CMO at Hyver.