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Meet our team

Our dedication to building the world's best B2B staff-sharing marketplace is what brings us together. We believe Hyver can help businesses become more agile, creative and responsible employers, and can help empower employees with improved job security and career development opportunities, as the traditional world of work makes way for more flexible and economical ways of working.

Hassan Khadra


Hassan brings 13 years of professional experience as a Business Analyst, Engineer, and MBA. Working in the IT and Technical sector and managing multiple B2B & B2G projects allowed him to see first hand the challenges involved in flexible recruitment, and the impact of the peaks and troughs of workflow that businesses experience. Hassan thought…”Why not apply a sharing-economy model to staffing, where talented staff are shared between businesses, and are the key to sustainable talent retention and development?” - That's when Hyver was born.

Umut Delil


With 7 years of experience as a Technical Development company director, Umut is a Full Stack Developer and UX/UI expert. He loves building tools from ideation all the way to execution and final delivery, with a particular passion for building solutions with a positive social impact. Umut is experienced in the full-cycle of B2B mobile and web app development, having delivered several corporate IT projects, with extensive experience in team management and innovation. He is a bit of a perfectionist, and is motivated by nurturing team work spirit and realising big visions.

Janine Capaldi


Janine's passions for Customer Excellence and Talent Development opportunities FOR ALL has seen her lead multiple marketing and training projects across tech, logistics & people development, as well as having the privilege of working with Social Enterprises supporting career development for parents, and raising awareness of indoor air pollution. Janine and Jamie establishing their Marketing Agency Capaldi Marketing in 2018 after a decision to ditch the London commute and create a business for themselves and their children.

Jamie Capaldi


Jamie's extensive Go to Market and Lead Generation expertise and experience in Sales & Marketing across tech, finance, professional services & membership organisations has resulted in multiple success stories. Having worked in marketing for nearly 20 years, Jamie has experience across both digital and traditional communication channels. Jamie and Janine established Capaldi Marketing in 2018, driven by a desire to build real client results for SMEs through marketing & sales, which have a clear, visible impact on the bottom line, through demand generation and capture demand strategies.