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Staff sharing

TheHIVE promotes B2B collaboration based on staff sharing between non-competing firms.

It solves a resourcing problem for one firm by turning it into a business opportunity for another.

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Case studies

TheHIVE partners an SME delivering eLearning solutions with a music management company

A perfect example of how businesses working together can be extremely successful

Four simple steps to use TheHIVE


Confirm your interest

Fill in our short form with your contact details or book a call with our team.


Define project requirements

Confirm what resources you wish to offer or hire, with our team.


Join our online portal

Once confirmed, our team will invite you to join our portal to match you with other non-competing firms.


Close the deal

We invite you to review what’s on offer, define the terms with your new business partner and sign the contract.


We proudly support

TheHIVE supports projects promoting collaboration that leads to positive impact on businesses, employees and the economy

Zenoot is a single source of information to help manufacturers increase efficiency, reduce waste, improve quality, innovate processes, embrace the latest technology and become more profitable.

Astriid bridges the gap between businesses and skilled professionals who have long-term health issues​


Retain your staff while offering them the opportunity to work on different and exciting projects.  We match you with other non-competing firms that can share your staff costs, help you avoid layoffs and increase your revenue.

Latest staff in-demand include:

Sales and Marketing
Digital & Technical Solutions
BioTech & Healthcare
Business Consultancy and Growth
Marketing & Media
Specialist Expertise

Hire pre-vetted and professional staff

We match you with our list of professionals and consultants. These are pre-vetted by their parent companies and are made available at more competitive rates.

Latest resources available include:

Technical & IT Development
Data Science & Engineering
Marketing, Design & Branding
BD & Sales Expertise
Remote Admin & Back Office Business Support
Financial & Accounting Expertise


Our vision is to establish ourselves as the leading, online B2B staff-sharing service, offering a safe and efficient means of increasing liquidity of specialist resources in an ethical and sustainable way, securing jobs, helping smaller businesses grow, and contributing towards a stronger economy.


Through B2B collaboration, we aim to help firms become leaner and more creative employers, supporting them in managing economic uncertainty and in retaining and developing their skilled and loyal workforce.

You're in good company

You're in good company

You're in good company

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Your online gateway to staff sharing solutions

Your online gateway to staff sharing solutions