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GlowingCo Case Study

GlowingCo is a full personal assistant service offering multi-skilled virtual assistants to drive business productivity across multiple industries.

When GlowingCo turned to Hyver it was during the very early days of covid. Business uncertainty was rife with employees being furloughed, losing their jobs or simply not being able to work all together. Whilst the impact of covid was thankfully light on GlowingCo, Founder Morelle Pierson was concerned about the level of impact their clients were experiencing, and the possible knock on effect this would have on the business.

Not only that, Morelle didn’t think it wise to only rely on LinkedIn and word-of-mouth referrals to develop new business opportunities, and so sought the expertise of Hyver who could introduce GlowingCo to relevant companies with work loads that needed supporting.

The result? Multiple projects for multiple employees of GlowingCo and a staff sharing relationship which is now heading into its third year of success.

“Having worked on contract and temp desks in the past, there’s a lot to be said for something that feels a little bit more personal and a little bit more permanent… If you’ve got someone who you feel could benefit somewhere else, and you can see that their skills could be utilised but you don’t necessarily have a workload enough for them, why not share?”