TheHIVE staff sharing solutions

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs section below attempts to answer all important and common questions on TheHIVE staff sharing solutions.

TheHIVE staff sharing solutions

Frequently asked questions

The FAQs section below attempts to answer all important and common questions on TheHIVE staff sharing solutions.

TheHIVE Enterprise is an online gateway to vetted and professional B2B resource-sharing.

It promotes B2B collaboration between non-competing firms. It resolves a technical resourcing problem for one business, by turning it into a business opportunity for another. This supports businesses and helps secure jobs. TheHIVE delivers this through a safe and efficient environment that protects the clients’ interests.

Once you register your interest, TheHIVE uses the information you provide to match you with the right business partner. We then invite you to a 3-way meeting with them to discuss and agree on the project terms.

This is concluded by signing a Services Agreement that captures the deliverables, timeframe, costs, and the flexible resource-sharing terms that suit your needs and protect your business interests.

Registering and browsing your options on TheHIVE is totally free. We charge a no-win-no-fee matching commission fee. This is a 10% commission* on the overall value of the project and is payable by the hiring party.

* a minimum fee of £199 per project applies

TheHIVE is not a recruitment agency. Instead, it offers an alternative recruitment service that solves temporary resource-management problems for businesses.

Engaging with TheHIVE is not much different to hiring a consultancy or signing a contract with a recruitment agency. The difference is that we match, vet and prepare the legal platform for matched companies to work together. Using economies of scale on big data and automation, we deliver our service more reliably and at lower costs.

TheHIVE model works for any business in almost any sector.

At present, we focus on UK-registered firms. The resources shared through TheHIVE are currently extended to technical and specialist fields, with a focus on technology, sciences and engineering.

We identify a broad range of specialists that work across very different fields and sectors. These include IT infrastructure design, project management, cybersecurity, health and safety, regulatory management, blockchain, quality assurance, and many more.

For example, IT and software development. We need such skills and resources in very different sectors, such as FinTech and education.

TheHIVE offers your business a safety net without any cost.

Instead of directly hiring unknown and potentially unreliable contractors, or at a premium through recruitment agencies, TheHIVE allows you to get the resources you need through a services agreement with another pre-vetted business. This offers cheaper resources that are trained and vetted by their parent company, who ensure the delivery of the work you need.

If times are hard and your business experiences an extended drop in workload, TheHIVE can drive interesting projects your way. This helps you avoid laying off skilled and loyal workforce, while increasing your company revenue as staff costs are shared with another, non-competing company.

Beyond vetting resources and matching companies, we prepare and co-sign a bespoke 3-way services contract.

Throughout the duration of the contract, we monitor its progress and provide non-binding recommendations in cases of failure, dispute, extension or renewal.

We don’t manage the project delivery, allowing us to offer competitive matching rates (this option can be available in the future at an added cost).

Before matching a client, our technical team conducts a background assessment and evaluation exercise. This involves both financial (published annual records) and non-financial aspects (such as history of project delivery, online records, skills and qualifications of resources on offer).

Our vetting system produces a “confidence” score that ensures we match clients that fit each other.

Simply visit our homepage and click on “Get started” to fill up our online form. Our team will then contact you and guide you through the process.

Once TheHIVE finds a client matching your needs, you will be immediately notified.

Whoever submits the request needs to be a decision maker in the company and will become our primary point of contact.

When a match is identified, you’ll be invited to set up an account on our portal. This is where 3-way projects are managed from initial match through to project completion.

No. The agreements are all B2B.

Let’s face it. Businesses are more trusted and reliable when it comes to protecting information and employees’ interests. There’s more at stake.

Through TheHIVE, assigned staff are treated as extended resources to the hiring party. Matched clients agree on how that is managed when the contract is signed (including personnel management, location of work and time availability).

TheHIVE is an incredibly cost-effective route for developing staff, not only for those offered to other businesses, but also to the ones hosting.

TheHIVE is a free lifeline that businesses can use to help retain staff they invested in training and developing. This improves job security.

In more common cases, career progression is held up due to lack of funds or opportunity to develop. TheHIVE immediately addresses this issue by generating revenue that funds staff training and progression. In fact, the feedback we collected suggests that many employees wouldn’t mind being part of new projects with other companies. This broadens their skills and drives innovation.

TheHIVE is designed for consenting employees to take part in a resource-sharing project. This contributes to funding their job security, career progression, and development. We believe this is a great way to develop a sense of ownership that strengthens team spirit within an organisation and welcomes TheHIVE initiative.

At all cases, we believe that potential resistance from employees is perfectly normal, considering the change and “new” setup TheHIVE brings. Our recommendation is that clients offer their resisting staff the chance to fully understand and appreciate what joining TheHIVE offers them and their parent company. Clarifying what risk belies upon staff and how the company manages it would ease any valid concerns.

As we trust that you share our position on this matter, we don’t encourage nor tolerate any cases of employees being forced to work on a project, especially outside the scope defined in their contractual obligation with their parent company. To avoid ambiguity, this matter remains the sole responsibility of the parent company employing them. Neither TheHIVE nor the hiring company are to be held liable over any cases of such violation.

Broadly speaking, our terms manage two main things:

  • The information you share with us
  • Details of the match we present to you

Let’s make it crystal clear. Without your consent, we will never share non-public information you provide with us to any 3rd parties. Full stop.

When a match is presented to you, this is the fruit of our hard work. While our terms don’t bind you to agree to what we present, they simply prevent you from using such information to work with them in a resource-sharing (or similar) capacity without looping in TheHIVE. Still, we have included some useful exit clauses, including one that allows clients to be free from such obligation in return for a compensatory “introduction” fee payable to TheHIVE.

Beyond the match, the involved parties are legally bound by whatever terms included in the 3-way contract. This is no different to any conventional B2B services agreement, where one (resource offering) party commits to delivering a service, through defined resources, to the paying (resource hiring) party. As is standard, any failure or delays normally result in deductions or an annulation.

The risk involved in our service model is no different to that associated to a conventional B2B outsourcing contract setup, where sharing some commercially sensitive information is necessary for delivering the job (e.g. technical drawings or financial transactions).

Your disclosure of any such information to us is protected by the Terms and Conditions you sign. The same applies to other clients we match with you. Hence, we act as the secure hub with legally-sound channels of information-sharing with each client. Mind you that in the event of an initial match confirmation, we only share minimal, preliminary information (i.e. excluding your company’s and resources’ specific details such as name and address).

Eventually, the 3-way services contract provides that high level of security when the two clients engage in a project where sensitive information is shared.

Assuming you are not engaged in any service contract with another client, you can call it quits at any time without incurring any fees.

You can request for any personal, commercially specific and sensitive information we may hold to be permanently deleted.

One condition remains applicable of course, and that is your commitment to not engage in a resource-sharing work capacity with any clients we introduced you to (except following payment of the “introduction” fee mentioned above).

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